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For my senior capstone project I wished to depict the correlation between financial insecurity and ones overall health. I completed a multi-media documentary, a screen-cast explaining my film-making process as well as a research paper on the medical crisis within the Dominican Republic Bateyes. Below are the provided links to my project. I hope you enjoy my film.I would like to thank Hector Perez for hosting twelve Plymouth State Students on an experience of a lifetime.I would also like to thank Robin DeRosa for guiding me throughout this journey in my life, and congratulations to the class of 2016.

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Love Is Free Documentary

Love Is Free Screencast 

Medical Crisis In the Dominican Republic Bateyes


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Integration Amongst Disciplines

Health and Human Enrichment:Conceptualization


Increasing Patient outcomes through the use of Art, and Music.

Many individuals experiencing a hospital visit can become easily depressed, and vulnerable. Depression decreases ones ability to cope with stress, which frequently affects those confined to a hospital. Increased rates of stress results in a weakened immune system, exposing many patients to hospital transmitted infections. Many enduring a hospital visit, or are placed amongst a nursing home may not have many visitors, this may discourage their overall purpose in life, which negatively affects ones future wellness. Increasing patient outcomes through the use of art and music is a program that will provide instruments, lessons as well as an interactive painting class once at week at Speare Memorial Hospital. Plymouth State University Students will collaboratively work with stakeholders outside of academia as well as the Silver center for the arts to accomplish this goal. By bringing music, and art to those confined to a bed it will give them a sense of purpose to get up and move around for the day, expanding their excitement for the following week. The music and art classes will allow for a patient to actively contribute to something,feel part of society and has the potential to be quite up-lifting. As the patients become less stressed, more relaxed and they begun to seek purpose again. This increases their recovery process, increasing optimal patient outcomes. Through the use of Art, and Music we must utilize the conceptualization approach to integration. Conceptualization integration seeks to make meaning from different concepts that, on the surface, have no apparent connection or commonality. Historically speaking, the performing arts and Health have no correlation. However, in an interdisciplinary world they most certainly connect! Combining the performing arts and health may be extremely beneficial to those sick in the hospital, it is similar to playing classical music to an unborn child to increase their developmental growth. As the two are rarely intermingled, it would be a great interdisciplinary approach to improving the world of health care. Music and art are known to increase ones endorphins, this will allow for a patient to become calmer; thus allowing them to heal accordingly.

Tourism, Environment, and Sustainable Development: Problem-Centering


Exploring Malawi. 

Exploring Malawi will be an international study abroad program in Southeast Africa. Recently, the residents of Malawi are exposed to many sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV/AIDS which is killing many of the adult community members. Due to the rapid increase in mortality, many children are being left amongst this village to be cared for by their elderly grandparents. The residents of Malawi are not only being killed off because of lack of health care, but they also lack the proper resources to receive medical attention. Many of these villagers are expected to travel miles to the nearest hospital to receive anti-aids medications, however they are too sick to leave the village and the medications are extremely costly. Exploring Malawi will be an international social work program composed of PSU students, as well as any PSU community members outside of academia. As we travel to Malawi, we will globally explore the culture norms of the African Village, tour the outside villages and work towards sustainable development of the small Malawi island to aid the malnourished children left to feed themselves. This will include planting a vegetable garden, educating the locals on how to care for these crops as well as bringing medical attention directly to their village. Stakeholders outside of academia must include medical professionals, possible religious personal and many students looking to make a difference amongst this world. In order to successfully achieve this international academic program each student must be dedicated, self-less and utilize the problem-centering approach. The problem- centering approach, otherwise known as an instrumental approach to integrated uses issues of public debate, product development, or an intervention such as one designed to improve health and well being as focal points for making connections between disciplines and integrating their insights. In order to eradicate the problem of extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure members of the PSU community must integrate disciplines such as social work, health, sustainability, adventure education, and environmental studies. The combined integrated insights inherited from each of these disciplines will allow for a tangible outcome that will tremendously benefit the local residents of the Malawi African village. The epistemological goal of using the problem-centering approach is to engage with the practical outcomes of changing the villagers way of life.

Justice and Security:Contextualization 


Late Night Shuttle 

The Plymouth State University shuttle is often a useful tool for many students trying to get too and from certain parts of campus at a quick, rapid speed. However, the shuttle only runs until t 10 PM at night. This forces many students, particularly females to be exposed late at night to possible abductors, or violent drunk hooligan’s. The Plymouth State Community will collaborate with The Plymouth State Police Department, as well as the PSU physical plant in order to expand the Shuttle hours to the late mornings. This shuttle may run strictly from the Main Street locations, to the Off campus housing neighborhoods in order to provide effective, safe transportation. The Late Night Shuttle will not only allow students to safety commute around the town of Plymouth, but will tremendously reduce the amount of drunk drivers. The Shuttle must have security, as many taking the bus will be intoxicated however the school must fund the late night shuttle in order to reduce the amount of incidents that occur on college campuses. Recently, there have been several reported cases of females being approached late at night, if the shuttle was accessible, this would guarantee the safety of many students and Plymouth community members. Disciplines such as criminal justice, women’s studies, as well as business will collaborate to achieve the successful program of a late night shuttle operation. The integration approach that must be utilized remains contextualization. Although contextualization is commonly used by those in the fine and performing arts, it is based of the study in the fabric of time, culture and personal experience. As we live amongst a society that condones bindge drinking, and college partying it is essential to take the proper pre-cautions to eliminate the risks associated. As we have previously experienced recent possible attempted abductions, the Plymouth police department must learn from these past issues and develop a program that will not only be safe, but effective and appealing to the Plymouth University students. We must integrate the use of contextualization in order to study the fabric of time that many females have been approached, as well as how many people have been exposed to drinking and driving accidents.By integrating discipline’s such as criminal justice, and business an interdisciplinary business plan could be easily achieved. Each discipline must evaluate their individual field, for example the criminal justice majors must distinguish what laws and regulations are set fourth for having a late night shuttle. The women’s studies majors may develop a comprehensive understanding if females are more vulnerable than men at night. Many business majors could work together to decipher the financial means and resources needed to put fourth this late night shuttle, and each discipline must correlate to the development of the late night transportation.





Obesity has turned into an American epidemic. As many other countries have not experienced a rapid increase in extreme weight gain it is detrimental for the United States to evaluate all corresponding disciplines that impact our increasingly high rate of obesity. In order to eradicate or reduce obesity we must address the correlating disciplines that inhibit ones ability to overeat, or become unhealthily over-weight. In order to solve the issue of obesity comprehensively one must use an interdisciplinary approach. By using methods of interdisiciplinarity we enhance our ability to explore the core root of all issues, thus increasing the chance of connecting each discipline as a whole. In order to understand how obesity originates, and what condones this American concern we must begin by focusing on multiple perspectives. This include the perspective of the individuals life, their up-bringing, financial statues as well as the perspective of the doctors who medically aid their illnesses, psychologists who work with them, and the businesses that market unhealthy, inexpensive foods. An interdisciplinarian should not only evaluate multiple perspectives, but should embrace the ability to practice critical pluralism. This allows us to interrogate each perspective, and enhances our ability to research the issue of obesity. By utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, evaluating each perspective on obesity, and enhancing our subject matter to research we can begin to understand why so many American’s struggle with rapid weight gain, and many obesity related medical concerns.


Economics Our economics and business world represents the reoccurring market for unhealthy, cheap foods. They are constantly being televised, and are multimillion-dollar companies for many. Business continues to supply cheap, unhealthy foods and this is appealing to many on the go families. Our economy is enduring an economic crisis, many families are living off poverty and the inevitable factor remains; cheap food is unhealthy, expensive food is healthier. Many continue to struggle financially, thus forcing them to purchase the cheaper alternative, which happens to be higher in calories and lower in nutrients.
Sociology Our society is composed of fast pace, on the go social norms. We are constantly on the move, and this decreases ones ability to successfully prepare a healthy meal within a timely manner. Although many fast food industries are marketing healthier options, it has become socially acceptable to go to McDonalds for a quick, cheap burger. This results in a society that is not only fast pace, but also unhealthy.
Biology Many illnesses correlate to rapid weight gain. Many individuals are pre-disposed to obesity or excesses fat genetically. Illnesses such as hypothyroidism or Poly cystic ovarian syndrome decrease ones ability to loose weight, and may correlate to ones struggle with obesity.
Law The Law emphasis that a child must be cared for, and if a child is at risk they are often removed from the home due to abuse of neglect. The law does not state that it is illegal to feed your child inexpensive foods, or unhealthy foods although recently this is a controversial argument in the United States. Many parents over feed their children, and deprive them of the proper nutrients. Many may question that if child obesity should be considered a form of neglect, however whatever a child eats is the direct result of what the parent serves them.
Psychology Many psychological conditions form one to over eat, the sad reality is that food can become an addiction. Many individuals become dependent on certain unhealthy foods, and use overeating as a coping mechanism for other emotional instabilities. Psychology analysis the mental factors that increase ones obesity wither it be sedentary lifestyle, or an actual mental illness.
Religious Studies In many countries, and cultures it is considered the social norm to be overweight. Many women are often chosen and overly fed until they are considered obese. By examining the United States different religious views we may begin to understand why obesity is such an epidemic, and why there is a stigma associated with being overweight despite the health concerns associated.
Health Ones health may be affected by obesity, and they may have over eaten for many years. For example, one may be over 500 pounds. Once someone has expanded their stomach, it is nearly impossible for them to feel full due. Ones health may be compromised by obesity, and may even be condoning to the continuation of weight gain. By analyzing ones health you can determine if they are obese, and if their obesity is affecting their ability to loose weight.
Social Work By analyzing social work disciplines one can address corresponding factors that condone obesity such as poverty, if one is able to receive governmental support such as EBT food stamps, they may be able to purchase healthier foods. It a parent is struggling alone financially, this may decrease their child’s ability to exercise regularly. Children may be stuck in after school problems and may not be able to participate in actives that may be costly.

About me


My name is Katherine DeLuca. I am from Milton,MA. I am a senior at Plymouth State University studying interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in patient advocacy. I strive to become a patient advocate working with patients in a scary time of need. I wish to be able to incorporate my education of health, science, and social work in order to advocate for those who lack the ability.I have always loved working within the hospital, and giving back to those in need. I have been a nursing student for the past three years, but recently decided to switch paths! In hopes of becoming of RN in the future, I remain hopeful. I have a fantastic family, support system and the best five girlfriends any one could ever wish for! I have no doubt that I will become a nurse within the future, but as for now patient advocacy truly feels like the beginning of my journey.

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